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Grevillearobusta, commonly known as the southern silky oak or silky oak, or Australian silver oak, is the largest species in the genus Grevillea of the family.


Grevillearobusta loves heat and full sun, can take some shade. Best grows with even water distribution during the summer part of the year and has tendency to die back at maturity (age 15-20 years) from prolonged drought stress (more than 4 month) even though seems pretty drought tolerant at younger age.


Adapted to wide variety of soil types, prefers slightly acidic to neutral & can tolerate clay with good drainage. Roots run shallow without drought stress. This quick to grow, rot resistant timber ones was widely used by Australian cabinetmakers as it works easily and has lace-like grain but may cause contact dermatitis.


Silky Oak was introduced widely in temperate regions around the world; it escaped cultivation and became weedy in Hawaii, New Zealand, some parts of India, China and South Africa.
Tree considered an important source of nectar for apiaries, timber, and firewood and leaf mulch.


Common name Flower colors Bloom time Height Difficulty
Quercuspachyphylla ,Grevillearobusta (Silk Oak)(Silver Oak) Golden orange. May-June. 25 to 35 meters Easy to grow

Planting and care:

  • The beautiful Silver Oak tree is native to the Eastern coasts of Australia. It’s exotic to the Western Ghats, where it is nevertheless found, particularly in Coorg. The tree significance derives from the fact that it is almost indispensable to coffee plantations as they are difficult to maintain without it; the tree provides the much needed shade to coffee plants.


Sunlight Soil Water Temperature Fertilizer
Full Sun well-drained soil medium 36 °C. Apply any organic fertilizer

Caring for Silver Oak:

  • The Silver Oak tree is surprisingly, one of the fastest growing trees found in the world, having a life span of 40-45 years on an average.
  • This tree is useful throughout this time. Interestingly, the wood of this tree is known to be good for making furniture.

Typical uses of Silver Oak:

  • Special features: These avenues, interestingly, are also considered to resemble Switzerland, being full of fog early in the morning, without the chocolates available of course!
  • Ornamental use: The plant is used for ornamental purpose
  • Medicinal use: folkloric